Known as Social Media Marketing ; SMM Panel is a social media marketing script where people Buy Facebook Likes, Instagram followers, YouTube views, Tiktok followers, and others. It’s Mainly a Social media Order Management script. It has start count, remains counts, and Many statuses like Pending, processing, In progress, Error, fail, and completed.

From the Add Funds page on our site, you can add balances through online payment services integrated into our system.
Our online payment methods work completely safe and smooth.

There are certain reasons for your order to be canceled;

• If your profile is confidential, your order will be canceled, please check privacy.
• In some services, you are asked to enter only a user name instead of a link.
• When you receive the maximum shipping amount of the services, if you place an order for the second time, your order will be canceled.
• If your orders do not have these situations and 24 hours have passed, please contact us at the support section.

The followers we send to your accounts are entirely of personal accounts, and the sent accounts have the freedom to follow-up.

If we give an example; How do you not want to follow people you do not know? In this case, the followers are able to withdraw follow-up because they do not know you.

As for bot followers, the situation is completely different. Since they are in-active accounts, Instagram becomes aware of these accounts after a while and it removes the accounts from the body of instagram or approves them, which is reflected to you as a decrease.